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e-Jeepneys in Manila

Monday, October 05, 2009

Malawian boy uses wind to power hope, electrify village

from CNN
by By Faith Karimi

William Kamkwamba dreamed of powering his village with the only resource that was freely available to him.

His native Malawi had gone through one of its worst droughts seven years ago, killing thousands. His family and others were surviving on one meal a day. The red soil in his Masitala hometown was parched, leaving his father, a farmer, without any income.

But amid all the shortages, one thing was still abundant.


"I wanted to do something to help and change things," he said. "Then I said to myself, 'If they can make electricity out of wind, I can try, too.'"

Kamkwamba was kicked out of school when he couldn't pay $80 in school fees, and he spent his days at the library, where a book with photographs of windmills caught his eye.

"I thought, this thing exists in this book, it means someone else managed to build this machine," he said.

Armed with the book, the then-14-year-old taught himself to build windmills. He scoured through junkyards for items, including bicycle parts, plastic pipes, tractor fans and car batteries. For the tower, he collected wood from blue-gum trees.

"Everyone laughed at me when I told them I was building a windmill. They thought I was crazy," he said. "Then I started telling them I was just playing with the parts. That sounded more normal."

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Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

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Sustainable Cooking

Whether it’s lunch for one, dinner for the family, holiday gatherings or large parties, being organized is an important way not just to save time and money, but also to reduce environmental impact.
Learn more about ways to reduce waste and be more energy efficient when cooking, and get a chance to win an Amazon Kindle DX while you're at it. Read more about it here.

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You Are my Sunshine

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

China vows climate change action

China will increase efforts to improve energy efficiency and curb the rise in CO2 emissions, President Hu Jintao has told a UN climate summit in New York.

Mr Hu gave no details about the measures, which should mean emissions grow less quickly than the economy.

The US, the world's other major emitter, said China's proposals were helpful but figures were needed.

About 100 leaders are attending the talks, ahead of the Copenhagen summit which is due to approve a new treaty.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said failure to agree a treaty in December would be "morally inexcusable".

Negotiators for the Copenhagen summit are trying to agree on a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol to limit carbon emissions.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Leyte town goes green with bamboo taxis

MANILA - Residents of Tabonton municipality in Leyte thought up a "green solution" for their transport problems by crafting bamboo cars.

The cars or "bamboo taxis" were commissioned by Tabontabon Mayor Dr. Rustico Balderian, reportedly to address the municipality's need for an alternative mode of transportation to the oft-used but accident-prone "habal-habal" or motorcycle.

The bamboo taxis, assembled by local out-of-school youth, are equipped with a 2-cylinder engine that runs on coconut biofuel, a gallon of which can make the cars run for about 8 hours.

The vehicles are made with 90% bamboo, a strong but flexible grass.


image courtesy of ABSCBN News.

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FreiTag bags

Freitag messenger bags are awesome! They are recycled too, so they not only pack a graphic punch, they reuse canopy fabrics used by trucks and other vehicles to create their super resilient and tenacious product. It’s more than enough reason to get these cool bags.

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Greetings from the Tar Sands

image courtesy of Greenpeace.
Click on the image for more info and action.

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Be a Volunteer!

Welcome and join us fight poverty!

We empower through knowledge.

We do this through:
• street libraries
• forums & workshops
• art activities
• the annual festival of learning

We are ATD Fourth World Philippines (All Together in Dignity)

Be A Volunteer! TO know more, check out the ATD Volunteer Orientation this saturday, September 12, 2009 , 3pm at Powerbooks, Megamall.
Interested in volunteering? Check out their updates and news here.

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REVA electric car now in the Philippines

We're finally getting there, i think.

The Introduction of REVA, an electric car that sells roughly around 500-600K pesos, to the market is a big jump into environmentalism in the country. In the recent Power Expo at the Manila Trade Center, my uncle found a few brochures and flyers been passed around, one of which was the REVA electric car which could be bought from a local distributor based in Diliman, QC.

The Reva is a two-door model that works totally on electric energy, gets 80 kilometers of autonomy in one charge, reaches a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour, and can accommodate two adults and two minors or up to 230 kilograms of total weight. Granted, it's no mini-van, but with so many people having cars and none too many carpooling, this alternative may be a better one for those who don't do commute or carpool with their cars.

The car, manufactured in India enables one to power up the car through a simple step: plugging it into a 220V outlet. Just like a phone. Imagine that. Finally, an appliance that could be of good use, not just to us, but also to the environment!

Now hopefully, the price can be lowered still so that these can be more available to the masses, wouldn't you say?

*picture courtesy of

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Pacific Ocean garbage patch worries researchers

LOS ANGELES – A tawny stuffed puppy bobs in cold sea water, his four stiff legs tangled in the green net of some nameless fisherman.

It's one of the bigger pieces of trash in a sprawling mass of garbage-littered water, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where most of the plastic looks like snowy confetti against the deep blue of the north Pacific Ocean.

Most of the trash has broken into bite-sized plastic bits, and scientists want to know whether it's sickening or killing the small fish, plankton and birds that ingest it.

During their August fact-finding expedition, a group of University of California scientists found much more debris than they expected. The team announced their observations at a San Diego press conference Thursday.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Synopsis: Two eco-mariners are sailing a raft built of junk to help call attention to a major oceanic environmental problem – the accumulation of plastic trash in the seas.

Creating the JUNKraft, these two sail from LA to Hawaii promoting awareness of the growing problem of water pollution, especially in the oceans. Follow their fantastic voyage through their blog.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panda Extinction Looms

BEIJING (AFP) – China's giant panda could be extinct in just two to three generations as rapid economic development is infringing on its way of life, state media said on Monday, citing an expert at conservation group WWF.

The problem is that the pandas' habitat is being split up into ever smaller patches, preventing the animals from roaming freely for mating partners and in turn endangering their gene pool, the Global Times reported.

"If the panda cannot mate with those from other habitats, it may face extinction within two to three generations," said Fan Zhiyong, Beijing-based species programme director for WWF. "We have to act now."

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Word of the Lourd on Environment

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Invention is the mother of success

Unleashing energy one MicroFueler at a time

E-Fuel will have a profound impact on the way we obtain and consume fuel, not unlike the paradigm shift that occurred in the 80s from the mainframe computer to the PC. Just as the PC brought desktop computing to the home, E-Fuel will bring the filling station to the home. Making local sugar-based ethanol fuel production possible, E-Fuel can solve the commercial ethanol transportation and pump station problems while providing consumers lower cost fuel due to micro efficiencies.

-- Tom Quinn, E-Fuel Founder and CEO, press release, EFuel100, May 8, 2009 source (PDF)

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The 50,000 pairs challenge

The 50,000 pairs challenge

Between August 1 and September 18, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, and Soles4Souls are teaming up to distribute 50,000 pairs of shoes to people all over the world. But they can’t do it alone. They need your help.

By offering up just a few dollars, you’ll make a big difference – in less than 5 minutes. And, if you’re willing to donate as little as $25 (or more), some very COOL merchandise is headed your way. Check out the site for more details and how you can donate!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nike establishes policy to protect the Amazon and the climate

International — Just a few short weeks after the release of Slaughtering the Amazon Nike has announced new standards for keeping leather made from Amazon destruction out of its shoes.
Following the release of our report, Nike contacted us because they wanted to work towards a new leather sourcing policy that didn’t contribute to the destruction of the Amazon or climate change. Now they’ll be adhering to those standards until there can be guarantees that none of the leather and other cattle products in Brazil are coming from deforested Amazon land.

"Nike has set a great precedent for Timberland, Adidas, Reebok, and Clarks to follow,” said Greenpeace forests campaigner Lindsey Allen. “Brazil’s cattle industry, which supplies leather for shoes, is responsible for about 80 percent of all deforestation in the Amazon. In fact, the Brazilian cattle industry is the largest single source of deforestation anywhere in the world. And deforestation in turn causes one-fifth of all the greenhouse gas emissions in the world, more than all the world’s cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships combined.”


Thursday, July 16, 2009

World's rich targeted in new model for carbon cuts

Researchers in the U.S. have proposed a new way of allocating responsibility for carbon emissions they say could solve the impasse between developed and developing countries.

The Princeton researchers estimated that in 2008 half of the world's emissions came from just 700 million people.

The Princeton researchers estimated that in 2008 half of the world's emissions came from just 700 million people.

The method sets national targets for reducing carbon emissions based on the number of high-income earners in each country, following the theory that people who earn more generate more CO2.

"It's fairer than some other ideas out there in the sense that we attribute responsibility for emission reductions based only on the number of high-emitting people in the country -- if the country has large number of people who are high-emitters then it has more work to do," said Shoibal Chakravarty, a research scholar at Princeton Environmental Institute.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Recycling DIY Projects

I love Jessica's blog because it not only shows some fabulous fabric finds, it also gives a handy DIY projects you can easily do. I've recently found some fun recycling projects which are a joy to do (especially when you're penny pinching like i am but still can't get over the need to "renovate" your place) ---recycling magazines are a perfect way to recycle and get a cool "new" items for your house.

These coasters are a cool gift item to give (make sets for friends!) and or use at home. If you're feeling more daring, why not try making a basket?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

HOME. Please watch and share

HOME, a film by Yann Arthuis Bertrand.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

We all Need An Eco Lifestyle Change

6. Commit to not wasting. Wasting resources costs the planet and your wallet. Don't overheat or overcool your home--a few degrees make a huge difference. Let your clothes hang dry instead of using the dryer. Take half the trips but stay twice as long. If your old cell phone works, consider not getting another. Repair instead of rebuy. The list goes on and on.

No Impact Man's Top Ten Eco-Lifestyle Changes is an amazing post which outlines an easily doable way to do our share to save the planet. I especially love reading this blog because it shows a daily account of the constant struggle and determination one can/must have to truly do his/her part. Thank you, Colin, for showing us the weay through example and a steadfast optimism of what we can do in our power to help out! Yes, we can people!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's the Big Deal with Forgetting Your Reusable Bags?

When you're in the checkout line getting ready to give in by allowing your ten grocery items to be packed into ten different plastic bags, consider this:

The number of marine mammals that die each year because of eating or being entangled in plastic bags is estimated to be around 100,000 in the North Pacific Ocean alone.

Between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. Between 60 and 100 million barrels of oil are required to make those plastic bags each year.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Russian supermodel's playful ambition

LONDON, (England) CNN -- Natalia Vodianova is best known as the supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue, walked the catwalk for the likes of Chanel and Versace.

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova's charity plans to build hundreds of play parks for children in her native Russia.

But Vodianova has a dream that couldn't be further from the glitzy world of fashion -- to build 500 play parks in her native Russia, through the Naked Heart Foundation.

Vodianova, born and raised in Russia, was in the country during the 2004 Beslan school siege, in which at least 339 hostages, around half of them children, were killed. Read More>>

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Say no to nukes!

The next few weeks will spell the difference between a nuclear disaster and a clean renewable energy future for Filipinos.

The pushers of nuclear energy in congress want to vote on moving forward with the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) before congress closes in the first week of June, with the foolish argument that the outdated and unsafe facility can address both climate change and energy security.

The truth is you can't solve one problem by creating another. If you believe that Nuclear Power is more of a hazard, please sign the petition at Personally,i believe that Nuclear power is not the solution. The key to energy security and climate change is Renewable Energy and energy efficiency. And the best thing about it is: we already have a renewable energy law - so we don't need to revive outdated technology like the BNPP! Let us think of renewable solutions instead of reviving a 30-year old, decommissioned plant.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rethink, RockEd

RETHINK is an information and informed dialogue campaign of Rock Ed Philippines.

Rock Ed Philippines is a duly registered non-stock, non-profit organization under the SEC-Philippines. Concept source & copyright Gang Badoy 2009. RETHINK logo design by 27+20 design boutique. You are free to re-post or cut and paste the logo as a whole, credit to copyright also required.

contact: or 0917-7346742 /Formal launch coming soon. JUNE 10. @Route 196.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

City bike-sharing picks up speed

from CNN Eco Solutions

The concept of community bike-sharing involves an individual checking out a bicycle from one of several public locations (such as a docked station) and returning it at another location. The principle is to provide an alternative or complementary form of public transport to cover short journeys within city limits.

Think reduced carbon-dioxide pollution, smoother traffic flow and a healthier commute.

After all, 94 percent of Parisian bike-sharers can't be wrong.

Read more..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ed Begley, Jr. and Sophie Uliano to Make Special Appearances

West Chester, Pa., April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 22, QVC will commemorate the 39th anniversary of Earth Day with a special 24-hour celebration of programming, featuring innovative products to help its customers save energy and money -- and even the planet. QVC will also welcome actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and "Gorgeously Green" author Sophie Uliano to share tips on how to live more green.

"We realize everyone has different shades of green, which is why we're happy to welcome Ed Begley, Jr. and Sophie Uliano to QVC to show us how we can make a meaningful difference, one step at a time," said QVC's President of U.S. Commerce Claire Watts. "We will also offer some unique solutions that will help encourage sustainable living."

Ed Begley, Jr., star of the award-winning hit series "Living with Ed" and author of "Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life," is scheduled to make his QVC debut at 7 PM (ET) and 10 PM (ET), to demonstrate and share ways to reduce impact on the planet. He will also offer shoppers the opportunity to order the Bayes Waterless Car Wash (QVC Item #V28583) and the Oxygenics TriSpa Multi-Spray Chrome Showerhead (QVC Item #V28740 and #V28741).

Additionally, Sophie Uliano, author of "Gorgeously Green" (QVC Item #F190838), will return to QVC with her book "The Gorgeously Green Diet, How to Live Lean and Green" (QVC Item #F06948). She is also scheduled to make several appearances on QVC throughout the day (12 AM, 7 AM, 9 AM, 3 PM and 10 PM - all eastern time) to share tips with viewers on how to live a more Earth-friendly life, including:

-- Whittle Away Waste: Reduce waste by composting fruit and vegetable scraps. Keep a compost crock, such as Sophie's One-Gallon Ceramic Kitchen Compost Crock (QVC Item #K23823), on the kitchen counter so scraps can be added while cooking. Then simply transfer the contents to an outdoor compost bin when full.

-- Produce in a Pinch: Baby salad leaves and herbs are easy to grow and taste so much better when they haven't traveled thousands of miles to reach the salad bowl - all one needs is a small planter, some potting soil and seeds. Toss up the perfect salad with the Preserve Set of Three Recycled Mixing Bowls (QVC Item #K24086).

-- B.Y.O.Bags: Whenever possible, avoid using disposable plastic bags. For shopping trips, consider tagging along Sophie's ChicoBag Set of Three "Gorgeously Green" Bags and One Vita Bag (QVC Item #V28688).

-- Reuse and Repeat: Pack a lunch each day to avoid unnecessary packaging and expense. All that is required is a one-time investment in an insulated lunchbox, reusable containers, real flatware, a cloth napkin and a water bottle. For larger gatherings, consider storing meals in Chantal's Natural Glaze Make & Take Casserole Dish (QVC Item #K23834). Perfect for brownies, soups and sides, the sealed silicone lid keeps food from spilling and ensures that food stays fresh.

-- A Bright Idea: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, if every American home replaced just one light bulb with an Energy Star-qualified bulb, there would be enough energy saved to light more than three million homes for a year. Consider switching to a DuraBright EcoSave SuperBulb (QVC Item #V28462).

In addition to the special guest appearances, QVC will feature a lineup of programming, devoted to helping the QVC customer live greener. These include items from brands such as The Good Home Co., Tarte, Ojon and 100% Pure.

Earth Day products will be available through QVC at 800.345.1515 or, while supplies last.

About QVC

QVC, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation attributed to the Liberty Interactive Group (Nasdaq: LINTA), is one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. QVC is committed to providing its customers with thousands of the most innovative and contemporary beauty, fashion, jewelry and home products. Its programming is distributed to more than 166 million homes worldwide. The company's Web site,, is ranked among the top general merchant Internet sites. With subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, West Chester, Pa.-based QVC has shipped more than a billion packages in its 22-year history. QVC, Q, and the Q Ribbon Logo are registered service marks of ER Marks, Inc.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Philippine fisherman catch and eat a megamouth shark

picture courtesy of AFP

A MEGAMOUTH shark, one of the world's most elusive species, was caught, carved up and eaten by fishermen from a town in the Philippines, the environmental conservation group WWF said today.

So rare are megamouth shark sightings that each find is given a number - this one, caught by fishermen from the coastal town of Donsol - was the 41st ever seen or captured in the world.

But Elson Aca, a Donsol WWF representative, said it was butchered and its meat sauteed in coconut milk as a local delicacy, against the organisation's device.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Holy Week Reminders

Greenpeace would like to share some green tips to make your holiday a gratifying experience.

1. Unplug appliances at home: Save energy by switching off and unplugging all electrical appliances you before you leave your home.
2. Reduce waste: bring your own bag when you go out, say no to plastic – straws, bags and sachets.
3. Bottle your own water. Bring your own refillable container instead of buying plastic bottles that will go straight to a landfill when you're finished.
4. No natural souvenirs: Do not disturb the natural ecosystem by bringing home sand, rocks or shells for decoration.
5. Be green even if the hotel isn’t - Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.

Simple lang, save energy, reduce waste and walk more. It’s easy and it helps the planet.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Elephant and Chickpea elegant!

These gorgeous slippers are not only lovely to the feet (and eyes) but also made of natural and recycled fabrics. Amazing stuff from elephant and chickpea. :-D

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Tweet

Tweet your eco-deeds with Earth Tweet, and share the love. Follow the tweets and be inspired. :-) Everyday is Happy Earth day !

Friday, March 27, 2009

EARTH DAY on March 28!

On 28 March 2009 at 8:30 pm, the lights will go off for one hour – the Earth Hour – in cities and towns all over the world.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

In support of this global initiative, we are urging you to switch off the majority or all of the lights in your homes on Saturday, 28 March 2009 from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm, and encourage your families and friends to take the same actions.

Please also sign up as Filipinos at the global website of the Earth Hour: to ensure that your participation is officially counted. In so doing, you will be sending a powerful global message that YES, I care and I will take action on global warming.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Otesha Project: cycling to save the world

The Otesha Project was dreamed up by two young Canadians, Jessica Lax and Jocelyn Land-Murphy at the tend of a gap year in Kenya. They were concerned at the lack of opportunities for young Kenyans whilst they had a much more optimistic future. They wanted to take the message of sustainable living in a fairer world to young Canadians, which they did by organising cycle tours across Canada and putting on plays and discussions in community centres, schools, campuses, festivals and other locations. What's a more powerful way of getting the message out to young people than a bunch of young people arriving by bicycle and performing a humorous play and providing simple and effective ideas for what other people could do to help make a better world. “Otesha” means “reason to dream” in Ki-Swahili.

Otesha came to the UK in 2007, where it is run by young Canadian Liz McDowell. Their latest campaign features Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC hit TV show “Top Gear”, which is seriously pro-car. Find out more at:

Join in the next UK cycle tour:

Find out more about Otesha and download their amazing handbooks at:

(for the Canadian version), and

(for the UK version).

- from the 365 ways March 2009 newsletter

Friday, March 13, 2009

Help us Bail out the Planet

Dear friends,

On Tuesday, three hundred and forty concerned citizens gathered in Brussels to block the exits of the building where European finance ministers were discussing funding for climate change. We wanted to keep them inside until they came up with money to tackle climate change in developing countries.

European leaders recognise that rich countries must provide funds to developing nations so that they can reduce greenhouse gas emmissions and adapt to climate change. So far, they have not put a single euro on the table. Each country’s contribution towards a climate bailout plan is based on its ability to pay and its level of responsibility in causing climate change. Based on this, European governments should contribute €35 billion a year by 2020, the equivalent of just €1.30 a week per European citizen. The price of a bus ticket.

In spite of our best efforts, ministers continued to dither yesterday. Once all of the protesters had been arrested, they managed to leave the building without committing a cent of public money. Instead they had made an empty promise for investments from the private sector, which they can neither predict nor control.

Now it is up to Heads of States to make the final decision at the EU Summit next week, 19-20 March. If they also fail to come up with solid financial support, it will threaten the success of a deal at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December. And that will literally cost us the earth.

The Polish government is being particularly obstructive to progress. It is avoiding the funding issue and does not want to take the responsibility for its huge emissions and contribution to climate change.

Help us to convince polish Prime Minister Mr. Tusk not to block the climate change deal.

Mr. Tusk talks of solidarity. Without global solidarity we will not solve the climate crisis. Send him an e-mail asking him to live up to his words by showing solidarity to developing countries’ efforts to avert and adapt to climate change.

No money, no deal, no future.
Every letter is important.

Thank you for your attention,

Eoin, Agnes & the entire Climate Team
Greenpeace International

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rare bird found---then eaten

A rare bird was found and photographed for the first time ---then eaten. How terrible is that!??!!!! We should really learn to protect our resources! Pakiusap, mga kababayan, maging aktibo tayo sa laban para sa kalikasan! (My fellow Filipinos, let us be vigilant in our fight for the environment) Awareness is the first step. If we choose to be ignorant, we lose everything...

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Wave of the Future

A Scottish company will deploy sausage-shaped tubes off Portugal to create the world's first commercial wave power plant, providing electricity to 1,500 homes from 2006, a partner in the Scottish firm said on Friday.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rain Barrels Idea

"Rain Barrels -- Save water the old-fashioned way, with a few of these plastic gallon-catchers. Know that all your water will be going to good use, and it helps recycle. Rain barrels are available in different sizes from 20 gallons to the whopping 65-gallon models. Single barrel prices start at $114.95."
-Being Ed,

Taking cue from this, include that in your household to save water and recycle water for other things. Being in a tropical country, we are blessed with rainy seasons where the water overflows, and a very humid and hot season where water is scarce at times.

This rain barrel not only gives us a chance to save the environment, it also saves money. Accumulate rain water to clean out your garage/sinks/etc., water your plants or clean your car. Just remember to keep the barrels covered to make sure you don't grow mosquitos!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Protecting the Blue Heart of the Planet

An Amazing and Inspiring Talk by Sylvia Earle on protecting the Blue Heart of the Planet

Sylvia Earle, called "Hero for the Planet" by Time, is an oceanographer, explorer, author, and lecturer with a deep commitment to research through personal exploration.

"We've got to somehow stabilize our connection to nature so that in 50 years from now, 500 years, 5,000 years from now there will still be a wild system and respect for what it takes to sustain us."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant!

Dear friend,

Lawmakers in the Philippines are recently going all out to promote nuclear power.

Recently they have proposed a House Bill to revive the 'mothballed' Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

Nuclear power is the most dangerous and most expensive source of electricity. And it is not the solution to climate change.

That's why we would like you to join us in saying NO TO BNPP.

As a valued Greenpeace supporter, we're inviting you to come along this Sunday and help us create a "human banner" as a symbol of solidarity with the people of Bataan.

Where: Sunken Garden of the University of the Philippines in Diliman

When: 8am this Sunday, February 22, 2009

We will use this image and your support to send a strong message to our lawmakers: "NO TO BNPP".

If you would like to be part of this activity, please confirm your attendance by Thursday, by calling Supporter Services at (02)4146512 local 102, 103, 104. You can also reply to this email together with the names of your friends or family who can attend.

Hope to see you there!


Francis Dela-Cruz

Public Campaigns Coordinator
Greenpeace Philippines

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enviro Energies Signs Brand License Agreement with Living With Ed

Enviro Energies Signs Brand License Agreement with Living With Ed
Distributor of Revolutionary Mag-WindTM Vertical Axis Wind Turbines will team up with hit TV series and Hollywood's 'greenest' actor to promote Wind Power technology

Grimsby, ONT Canada - Enviro Energies has signed a long-term exclusive brand license / endorsement agreement with the producers of the hit TV series Living With Ed and its co-star Ed Begley, Jr. Under terms of the agreement, Enviro Energies will use the trademark of the show and the endorsement of Begley to market its line of revolutionary Mag-WindT magnetically levitating vertical axis wind turbines throughout North America.

Enviro Energies has licensed, engineered, and is entering into full production on their innovative line of vertical axis wind turbines that can be installed nearly anywhere! Unlike conventional propellers, as well as most other vertical axis turbines, the Enviro Energies Mag-WindT turbines operate in very low winds and are also completely silent, stable and safe in winds of up to 100+ mph. This is due in part to their patented low-rotational magnetically levitating generators. The turbines are economical, efficient, maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing, bird friendly and manufactured in the USA. They can be installed residentially, commercially, or industrially and have made urban and suburban wind power a reality!

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Ed Begley, Jr. and his television show" noted Ken Johnson, Senior Consultant for Enviro Energies. "Ed is not only the gold standard for green living in the entertainment community, but he is extremely knowledgeable about wind power and technology. He, in conjunction with his TV series, is a perfect match with Enviro Energies to deliver the message of accessible and affordable wind power technology in North America."

"I've been an ardent supporter of wind turbines for many years", noted Begley. "In fact, I've even owned a share of an industrial wind turbine in the California desert since 1985. And yet, while wind farms have long been used to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and our overworked power grid, a wind turbine solution for our energy demands where we live, work, shop and play has not been commercially viable, realistic or practical.until now. Enviro Energies has re-awakened my excitement about utilizing urban wind power by designing and launching the best technologies in the wind turbine industry."

The marketing relationship will be launched with the creation of a series of print, video and on-line materials featuring Living With Ed branding and Ed Begley, Jr. endorsements. In addition, Begley recently appeared at the Enviro Energies booth at the International Builder Show in Las Vegas, NV where over 1,100 builders placed orders or requested information on the Enviro Energies product line. In June 2009, Begley will appear at the Commercial Construction Show in Phoenix, Arizona with Enviro Energies and one of its commercial installation partners. In the near future, Begley will install a Low Wind Mag-WindT 1.5kW MVAWT at his home in Studio City, CA to contribute additional power to his already existing solar system. Begley and Enviro Energies also have plans to do numerous other 'high-profile' installs throughout the US in 2009 and will be attending expos and conventions to release their innovative new products nationwide.

For More Information, please contact:

Ken Johnson, Senior Consultant, Enviro Energies,, 310-560-0506

Greg Glass, Vice President, BCII,, 818-333-3711

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Arctic Sea Ice Increases at Record Rate

WattsUpwithThat gives a take (and thoughts)on the increasing rate of the Artic sea (c/o guest Jeff Id):

"Certainly the 30 year arctic trend in ice area is downward, even the most committed global warming scientist has to admit this happens regularly in climate along with regular 30 year uptrends. The questions are, did we cause it or not, and was CO2 the instigating factor. The rapid recovery of ice levels has to have some meaning regarding the severity of the problem. This goes directly in the face of accelerated global warming and the doom and gloom scenarios promoted by our politicians and polyscienticians."

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AN interesting (if not heated) discussion ensues in the comments section too.

Friday, January 23, 2009

put a lemon on it

New year, new ways...

...for me to save Mother Earth that is.

The New year is upon us. I decided to save water (and money while i'm at it) by curbing what i use at home. Easiest way was to use the "Tabo" (dipper) system when bathing (goodbye showers) --- that way i can heat up water when it's too cold.

I've also used the "brick" method for my toilet --- that is let something else occupy the space water is in so the are is filled up by water less (in this case, a brick). This not only fills up the tank faster, it also lessens the use of water. Sans the brick, i decided to use a water bottle filled with stones to keep it from floating. Hey it works ;-)

My friend gave me one of those Enviro-Sax for Christmas --- a wonderful gift indeed! It's brightly colored with a graphic design, which makes my purchases not only eco-friendly, it's also lovely to look at (and use). You can always use an old bag/ cloth bag for your purchases ---i am glad that more and more stores in the city are now cool with reusing bags as purchase holders ---remember to hold on to your receipts when you're shopping to avoid the suspicion of shoplifting!

It's the little details that make up the big picture, so you can ALWAYS do something good for Mother Earth everyday! :-) Cheers and keep on savin'!



Thursday, January 08, 2009

e-news from Living with Ed

(reposted from his email)

Hey everybody! Happy New Year!

Thought I would send along this video from my friend Jay Leno about a new wind turbine called the MagWind from Enviro-Energies ( that he and I will be installing soon. As many of you have asked about 'vertical axis wind turbines', I thought you'd like to see the latest in this technology. Watch the video at:

( )

Read more at fixing the planet

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year, A new Lease on Life...

Happy New Year all!

I'm excited to start 2009 with new ideas and ways to keep green. I call it my eco-lutions

A friend of mine gave me a lovely eco-bag which is nicely printed with spots (to ring in the money i hope!)and made of sturdy material so i can easily re-use it to fit my needs.

In keeping with my resolution to be more fit, i've taken up a longer walking route to the mall near my place and started jump rope.

My baby has also been very sweet enough to help me in segregating our garbage to include a bag for recyclabe stuff, like aluminum cans, plastics and paper. Yay!

hahahah :-D hopefully this won't be a fad...wish me luck! Happy new year All! May 2009 be a green and fabulous year!
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